“Our experience in the retail and wholesale sector means we are well placed to assist clients, whether established or those setting up new businesses”

The online shopping revolution means additional considerations are needed for those trading in the retail sector. Apart from the effect on retail shopping itself, internet shopping has introduced a number of planning issues. As a consequence, operating and taxation knowledge is needed to navigate this ever-developing area.

Whether your business is as a traditional retailer, a multinational retailer or wholesaler, or an ambitious entrepreneurial online start-up, our team aims to give you the support and benefit of our experience, whenever and wherever we are needed.

We believe in listening to and helping our clients. We can also get involved in advising you about the complex HR issues often associated with the UK high street sector, such as zero hours contracts and the right to work regulations. We have an in-house director of HR who can advise on employment contracts and ensure through a health check on the employment and payroll side that your business is fully compliant and working smoothly.

We can also contribute in relation to broader business management matters such as company structuring and, of course, tax planning, annual audit, accounting, bookkeeping and management reporting. We will work with you to meet your compliance and operating requirements.

We can also help you deal with your projections and cash flow requirements and, as the business grows, if restructuring is necessary or additional investment finance is needed, we can assist you with such matters as well.

We have experience in dealing with global businesses and are part of an international network that enables us to help clients with such structures, which is vital in order to optimise your taxation position and your compliance requirements.

Wholesale and online

We understand the pressures in the wholesale sector. If it is time to restructure the business or raise finance to expand into new areas, we will work with you as your trusted advisor.

If you are operating an online business with a global customer base, we will make sure you are optimising your Corporation Tax and VAT exposure, both locally and internationally, by helping you set up the pan-national corporate structures and systems that maximise your profitability whilst remaining compliant in every territory in which you operate.

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We will help with your personal tax affairs

Many of our clients who manage successful businesses in the retail sector, both traditional and online, ask us to make sure their personal tax affairs are fully aligned with their business. mgr can help you with wealth management and investment, retirement and succession planning. and your personal Income Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax issues.

We give our retail clients the information and advice they need in a way that is simple to understand and implement.

We are always happy to work in tandem with your legal team and independent financial advisors.

“I was introduced to mgr 20 years ago. mgr has brought us into a new century with their accomplished, multifaceted skills from efficient and state of the art accounting to tax and fiscal advice. The tax department has always handled things with no delay, extreme professionalism and kindness. They have many times been my saviour”

Gilbert Maria, Solamoss dba Jitrois, Paris, London, New York and Aspen