Our audit and accounting services are here to help you meet your organisation’s reporting obligations and advise you when new legislation means these requirements change.

We will help you with the preparation of your year-end accounts and specialist, or industry-specific, reporting such as grant funding certification.

We ensure that any financial statements presented to customers, banks, shareholders, other stakeholders and potential investors are robust and conform to all relevant legislation and accounting standards and guidance.

The financial reports will be provided to you on a timely basis, efficiently and with minimum disruption, allowing you to get on with running your business. We will also point out issues that we come across whilst dealing with your accounting that may add value to your business.

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Our full range of Audit and Accounting services:

ABTA and ATOL Reports

In order to remain fully compliant, members of ABTA and holders of ATOL certification are required to submit annual reports. We are registered with the ICAEW to undertake this specialist reporting on your behalf.

Solicitors’ Accounts Rules

Most solicitors who hold client monies are required to submit an accountant’s report to the Solicitors Regulation Authority within six months of their year-end. We can carry out the necessary work and prepare an appropriate report for submission in order to ensure your obligations are fully complied with in accordance with the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules.

Audit and Assurance

We offer a full range of assurance services including reviewing your organisation’s accounting systems and the information presented in your financial statements. We also offer a full accounts reporting service, including the preparation of ICAEW Assurance Reports and voluntary/statutory audit reports.


We work with many large organisations requiring consolidated year-end accounts that cover the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities of all the individual entities within the group. This is a legal requirement in the UK for holding companies unless the group qualifies as “small”. mgr ensures that your consolidated accounts comply with all the latest legislation and accounting standards.

Grant Funding Certificates

Businesses in the UK are often eligible to receive grant funding from both private and public sector organisations. As a condition of receiving such assistance your business may have to produce a certified statement showing that the funding has been applied in the way the provider of the grant intended. We can prepare and certify these statements for you.

Propertymark Reports

Letting and estate agent members of ‘Propertymark’ who handle client money are required to submit an annual accountant’s report confirming compliance with the Propertymark Accounting Rules. As an ICAEW firm, we are fully qualified to prepare these reports to ensure you remain fully compliant.

Year-End Accounts

We will put together your year-end accounts using your own accounting records or records we have prepared on your behalf. We will ensure your accounts comply with all accounting standards and guidance and, in the case of limited company or limited liability partnership accounts, relevant company law. We can check the accounts are in line with your budgeting expectations and forecasts and, on request, our audit and assurance services can provide validation of the accounts.

mgr has shown an unwavering belief in me from the moment we met. When I go to see mgr I often forget they are accountants. They are charming and kind, with personalities. I have slept very well since 2002, thanks to mgr

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