More than professional advisors

mgr is a London-based firm of chartered accountants with an outstanding reputation in media and entertainment, property, retail and other sectors.

Clients choose us not only for our expertise in our specialist areas but also because of our friendly, straightforward approach. We present our advice in everyday language so that it is easy to understand and simple to implement.

We focus on giving our clients the advice they need, when they need it. As a result, many of our long-standing clients see us as trusted friends, not just professional advisors.

We would love to hear from you

If you would like to discuss any accounting, tax or wealth managing issues, we would love to hear from you on 020 7625 4545 or email us at

“I went to mgr with an accounting conundrum that equated to a high-wire act over Niagara Falls without the requisite balancing pole and was guided to safety by a patient, reassuring and friendly team of people led by Robert Braham (Partner). A very professional job well done. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Vincent Ebrahim, Actor