What we do

Inward investment services

We understand the issues faced when investing abroad and have worked with many businesses and their professional advisers to help them thrive and grow in a new environment.

The UK is one of the top destinations in Europe for foreign direct investment. If you are an overseas business investing in the UK, you are likely to be presented with a number of challenges. We can guide you through these. We start by finding out everything we need to know about your business. We go through your options with you and make sure all potential issues are taken into account.

We then help you structure your UK operations in the best possible way. Finally, we provide day-to-day accounting, audit, administration and taxation advice, ensuring you comply with your relevant obligations.

A key part of our service is aligning your business’s accounting and management reporting processes with those of your group. We use technological solutions to provide seamless, transparent and responsive services to both your UK entity and the group.

Since we understand that it may be hard to communicate in a foreign language, we have built up a team of German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and many more native speakers who can help you with your queries.

Outbound investor services

We can also help you take your UK business abroad. mgr is part of a global network with partner firms that also specialise in onboarding clients from abroad. Also, since we have been working internationally for many years, we understand the business practices and customs in other countries and can help you to prepare for your new experience abroad.

Who we act for

mgr international services is a scaleable service. It is suitable from early stage set-up, though the growth phase and onto large-scale expansion and acquisitions. Many of our clients operate in international markets and we work with them and their international advisors on cross-border and transfer pricing to ensure optimal global results.

Our international and multilingual team have a wealth of experience in onboarding clients from other territories.

We act for international businesses across a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Technology and software
  • Property funds
  • Retail and distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Construction
  • Engineering

Our services for international businesses include:

  • Technology and software
  • Day-to-day administration and data processing
  • Management reporting
  • Year-end reporting and audit
  • UK tax planning and compliance – personal, corporate and VAT
  • International tax planning – personal, corporate and VAT
  • Remuneration and benefits – planning and appliance
  • Company formation and ongoing compliance
  • Due diligence (acquisitions)


There is no doubt Brexit is having an impact on all businesses, but those that trade internationally (in both goods and services) are most affected.

UK and EU businesses and consumers are finding out that the way business is carried out between the UK and Europe has changed. This will continue to evolve as the transitional arrangements are replaced with permanent ones.

This period of uncertainty will be challenging for many cross-border businesses. However, it will also offer opportunities for businesses willing to take risks and capitalise on the uncertainty by exploring new trading relationships.

mgr works with both UK and EU business to maximise new opportunities and ensure Brexit causes as little disruption as possible.

We identify the supply chain, customs, tax, border and regularity factors that are important and come up with specific and workable solutions for any snags.

We have vast experience working cross border and with professional advisors in other jurisdictions. We also have an excellent network of overseas professionals we can recommend to businesses that need such support.

Ready to chat?

Our international services team is at your disposal. Call us at +44 20 7644 9695 or send an email to anette.holzinger@mgr.co.uk