If you are involved in any form of financial dispute, we can help. We can conduct thorough and multi-faceted financial investigations, using advanced data mining and data interrogation techniques to analyse and interpret large volumes of information.

We will then provide you with clear and concise reports of our findings, valuations and opinions plus our recommendations for moving forward to a successful conclusion or settlement.

The mgr forensic accounting team is hugely experienced in a wide range of specialist litigation proceedings including matrimonial, shareholder disputes, loss of earnings and royalty auditing. We can attend civil courts and tribunals on your behalf and act as expert witnesses where appropriate.

We are always pleased to work alongside your other advisors, be they solicitors, barristers and other accountants, to achieve the most favourable outcome for you in the dispute.

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Our full range of Forensic Accounting services:

Forensic Investigation

If you are involved in a financial dispute, we will review, analyse and interpret any financial information that will support your defence or claim. We will present our findings in clear and concise reports and can appear as an expert witness. Our litigation support team has particular expertise in matrimonial ancillary relief proceedings.

Loss of Earnings

If an event has occurred that has resulted in loss of earnings for you, such as a personal injury, our forensic accounting team will prepare reports and calculations on your behalf. These can be used in litigation to assist your claim for loss of personal income or for the loss of revenue/profit for your business.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

If you are involved in a financial dispute between your business’s shareholders or partners, we can carry out business and share valuations on your behalf. These reports can then be used to assist in negotiating and agreeing a settlement between the parties concerned or to support litigation proceedings.

Share and Business Valuations

Owners and stakeholders, whether in litigation or not, often require the valuation of a business or shareholding. We are highly experienced in commercial valuation and can act on your behalf in legal proceedings as well as providing written reports to support your defence/claim. We are particularly experienced in matrimonial ancillary relief cases.

Royalty Audit

Our royalty investigation service identifies unpaid and underpaid royalties often for musicians, composers, record labels and publishers and can support you with settlement negotiations and litigation. A successful royalty or licensing investigation requires highly specialist expertise that only many years of experience in the entertainment sector can deliver.