mgr’s expertise is invaluable to clients dealing with an incredibly complex overseas supply chain”

Many of our wholesale clients rely heavily on an international supply chain, China being at the forefront. With uncertainties surrounding the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union, it has never been more important to make sure you are getting the very best financial advice from your accountancy partner.

Whether you are a small but growing business or an established global player, mgr’s specialist retail and wholesale team is here to help you navigate your way through the rapidly muddying financial waters of international tax.

We will help you monitor and manage your cash flow effectively, especially if you have slow-paying debtors. We will advise on stock holding levels and assist with working capital management. We can also help you with all your corporate reporting and HMRC submissions.

If your intention is to expand, we will help you raise the finance and buy and sell assets and property, or totally restructure your business.

Our team has vast experience in giving good advice and guidance in a clear, straightforward and easy-to-implement way while remaining focused on your specific business objectives.

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Here are the services we provide for our Wholesale clients:

Imports and exports duty advice

Cash flow planning

Slow-paying debtor management and guidance

Stock control systems and operations advice

Transfer pricing

Annual accounts and reporting

Expansion planning and forecasting

Raising finance

Buying and selling assets or businesses


Personal accountancy services: tax planning/retirement/succession/exit strategies