We are always happy to work on specific one-off projects for our clients or give them a single piece of specialist advice. However, our key mission is to build long-term relationships with clients for whom we manage and administer specific aspects of their financial requirements.

We provide a range of accounting support services to clients of all shapes and sizes including ambitious start-ups, established sole traders looking for bookkeeping services, SMEs or PLCs that wants to outsource their entire finance function, and rock groups needing accounting support for their latest world tour.

We use the latest cloud-based reporting and management technology to make sure you have 24/7 online access to your financial information.

The way we set up this technology makes it highly efficient and collaborative, ensuring that we can work in close partnership with you and your entire team.

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Our full range of Accounting Support services:


We offer full bookkeeping services for businesses and organisations of all sizes. This involves recording your day-to-day financial transactions, creating and sending invoices, and maintaining your books, records and statutory accounting ledgers. We also provide the relevant accounting information for your management team to comply with HMRC requirements for tax and VAT.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting lets you and your team access your key financial information online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can set up a cloud-based system for your own internal accounts or finance team or as part of an outsourced accounting or bookkeeping service that we manage on your behalf.

Management Accounting

In order to make the financial decisions that are best for your business, your management team needs the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Our clients understand that mgr always presents this information in a clear and straightforward way that will be helpful for you.

Outsourced Accounting

Many modern organisations prefer to outsource their entire day-to-day financial management. The services we offer include bookkeeping, managing bank accounts, processing payments, chasing debtors, preparing management information and cash flow projections. Outsourced accounting is a bespoke service that we will tailor to your specific accounting needs.

Reportis Consolidation Services

Our Reportis service uses our bespoke software, mgr BARS, to provide an outsourced financial management and reporting service. This service is often used by major corporations and organisations with multiple entities or divisions under their control. Consolidated reports ensure that central management or ownership/investor teams receive their financial information quickly and in a readily-accessible format.

Tour Accounting

Tour accounting is a highly specialist accounting service that mgr is proud to have provided for many of the biggest names in the music industry. We help artists and their management team prepare and manage their tour accounts, investigating revenue to budget discrepancies and calculating management commissions and artist participation shares.

Royalty Accounting and Royalty Auditing

mgr has offered specialist royalty accounting and royalty audit service for the entertainment industry for many years. Royalty accounting, for all types of intellectual property, particularly music, is a key part of this. We will help you manage your royalty income and payouts, advise on best royalty systems for your needs and can investigate under-reporting of royalties and licence income. We can also assist you in pursuing legal claims.

“The minimum requirement of an accountant is, of course, competence. mgr go way beyond that, they have made us money”

Peter Lawlor, Water Music Productions Limited