“However the economy ebbs and flows, mgr provides clients with the right advice and supports them every step of the way”

Our experience tells us that clients in the commercial property sector face common challenges. These include structuring, getting access to the right kind of finance, operating as tax efficiently as possible and having the right exit plan. So, we believe it has never been more important to ensure that you and your partners are getting the very best advice and guidance.

Unusually, mgr has a dedicated team of property specialists. We are highly experienced in slicing through the financial red tape that entangles unwary businesses.

If you are a developer seeking to structure your accounting as tax-efficiently as possible, or a property agent looking to grow your business, we can help you. Or, if you are a private individual or a non-dom landlord seeking to minimise your tax liability as you sell your properties, we are here to help.

Would you like to learn more?

Our property specialists are waiting for your call: 020 7625 4545

Or email us at: joe.weston@mgr.co.uk

Here are the specialist areas we provide services to in the Commercial Property sector:

Joint venture partnerships, professionals such as architects, planners, surveyors, construction service providers, interior designers, estate agents and property managers

Partnerships between investors, developers or dealers

Managing tax aspects of property ownership, for example, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Non-Resident Landlord Tax, Capital Gains Tax, SDLT, CIS and VAT

Incentivising employees

Raising finance

Paul and his team, with their expertise in USA to UK inter-business operations and transactions, successfully helped set up our UK office and have continually supported us, from high-level inter-company complexities to day-to-day business management”

Louise Allen, SLCE Architects, LLP