If you are looking to change or preserve your residence status for personal, business or tax reasons, you need the right expert advice.

Our “residence” clients fall into four main groups. You may be

a UK resident thinking about leaving the UK

a resident outside the UK, who wants advice about coming to the UK

an individual seeking advice on the Statutory Residence Test and how it affects your position in the UK

an individual seeking dual residence

Whatever your current position, residence is an extremely complex area of tax law and the tax authorities in most jurisdictions constantly change regulations to maximise their tax take. It is vital to get it right the first time, to avoid unnecessary liabilities and nasty surprises. This will minimise your exposure to income, capital gains and inheritance taxes and enable you to benefit from all available reliefs and keep your costs to a minimum.

We are highly experienced in helping our clients find a way through every aspect of the residence jungle.

We will help you select and plan the residence position that best suits your lifestyle and your tax needs, and guide you through the practical steps to implement it. We also advise you how to successfully navigate the UK statutory residence test.

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Here is the specialist advice we provide for our clients with residence issues:

Residence planning for arriving or leaving the UK

Working with individuals who want to spend time in the UK without becoming UK resident

Advice on the statutory residence test and how you may be treated for residence in the UK

Dual residence tax planning and compliance