The world of non-doms is increasingly under the spotlight, so you will need the best advice you can get to make sure you are completely compliant whilst optimising your tax position.

Whether you’re currently living in the UK, or resident overseas but planning to move here, mgr can give you, and your other professional advisors, all the guidance and practical assistance you need to legally reduce your UK tax liabilities.

If you are still living outside the UK, mgr can help you understand the impact of UK tax and develop a workable action plan. If you are living in the UK, we can offer ongoing advice to keep you tax compliant and ensure you keep the necessary records for HMRC.

We will help you plan for Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax, especially when connected to the ownership and disposal of valuable assets and property. We can also show you how to structure your investments and plan for remittances.

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We work with non-UK domiciled clients living in the UK and those who are planning to come here or have recently left. Here are the specialist services we provide for our many non-UK domiciled clients:

Advice and tax planning for individuals before coming to the UK and those planning to leave the UK

Advising on UK taxation and compliance for UK residents

Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax planning

“Jill and her team at mgr have been of fantastic service to me for many years. I cannot stress how professional and proficient they are, and I value their advice immensely. They come with my highest recommendation!”

Shayne Dunlap, Investment Director