“Global image rights management is such a minefield. Clients are able to leave it to mgr and trust us to help them and their agent get the best deal”

It can be a real rollercoaster ride. You’re thrust into the sporting spotlight and suddenly earning eye-watering sums. That’s when you need the very best advice from a team of accountancy professionals who know their way around the sports industry’s every twist and turn. And who recognise the need for safeguards for you to preserve your wealth for your next career or retirement.

mgr’s dedicated entertainment and media team can help you with every aspect of your career, from assisting your agent and lawyer secure the very best contract with clubs and merchandising organisations to making sure you don’t pay a penny more tax than you absolutely need to in the UK and overseas.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped players, agents, clubs and other sports organisations with global image rights, structuring and accounting, transfer fee negotiation, licencing income collection, and involvement with contract negotiation from a tax and business administrative perspective. They know that when they’re with mgr, their multi-million dollar financial affairs will be managed by some of the most experienced sports accountancy professionals in the world.

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Here are the specialist Sports sector services we provide:

Advice on draft contracts for commercial planning and tax minimisation

Contract termination advice

Ensuring accounts, tax and VAT matters are dealt with as necessary

Endorsement and royalty advice, accounting and auditing

Running a diary of all entitlements and managing collections of image rights

Preparation of net wealth statements for personal financial planning

Managing bank accounts to collect income, pay costs, reserve for VAT, other taxes and operational costs, and distribute surpluses

Liaison with local tax specialists to ensure compliance with overseas filing requirements, and tax minimisation for each overseas territory and for minimising your overall tax burden

Tax return preparation as necessary to cover all your income for compliance with relevant tax regulations