Signing artists or writers, arranging and financing recording, touring and videos, marketing your roster, negotiating licencing and sync deals, making sure all income due to you is collected (across the myriad of sources – neighbouring rights, digital, streaming, YouTube) and ensuring your artists or writers receive the correct royalty accounting on time – it’s a wonder a recording or publishing company owner or executive gets any sleep!

But we can help. We work with a host of publishing companies and record labels and can assist across all aspects of your financial affairs. There’s no-one more experienced than mgr at making sure you come out on top.

As well as preparing your annual accounts and ensuring your taxes are dealt with, we can, as an example, advise on artist or writer deals, royalty systems (and administer them day-to-day if you’d like us to), registrations with the various collection agencies and cash flow management.

And when it’s time to sell your company (or buy another one), we’ll advise you on the best exit strategies, financing options and valuation.

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Here are the specialist music Publishing and Recording sector services we provide:

Working with music publishing companies and record companies

Royalty systems and accounting

Royalty audits

Accounts and audits

Income collection and chasing

Royalty tax management

Ongoing finance administration

VAT management and administration

“If you are seeking financial services related to the entertainment industry or otherwise, I would have no hesitation in recommending mgr

Damon Vallero, ACE Records