Glamorous locations and famous actors. That is what the world sees. Yet putting together a hit TV show is often a hugely complex operation with a whole host of crucial financial issues to manage at every stage.

You might be an internationally famous actor, but most probably you are not a financial wizard who has time to keep on top of erratic cash flow and tax from travelling all over the world.

You could be a production accountant looking to take advantage of any film tax credits that might be available for your latest movie and need some expert help in raising tax credits to finance the business.

Or a film director who simply wants to make sure annual accounts, tax and VAT are in the safest of hands, while making a plan for your long-term wealth management, investment, and retirement planning.

Whatever your specific needs, mgr’s specialist entertainment team is here to help.

Countless organisations and individuals in film, TV and radio trust us to manage their finances for decades. Entertainment is a highly specialist field that demands a deep understanding of income flow, international tax and accounting law to optimise income today and manage personal wealth efficiently for tomorrow.

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Working with film, TV and theatrical production companies, services we typically provide include:

Managing bank accounts to collect income, pay costs, reserve for VAT, other taxes and operational costs, and distribute surpluses

Film and TV production fundraising by optimising production budgets with film tax credits

Preparation of management and annual accounts to monitor activity and for tax filing

Preparation of net wealth statements for personal financial planning

Advice on draft contracts for commercial planning and tax minimisation

Tax return preparation as necessary to cover all your income for compliance with relevant tax regulations

Liaison with local tax specialists to ensure tax minimisation for each overseas territory

Production accounting