Film, TV, radio and talent. This is a high energy industry. mgr understands how to work with that creative buzz and we appreciate that those of you within the media and entertainment sector need a strong and trusted financial expertise to support you. 

We have chalked up 40 years of highly specialised experience within this lively industry. So we know that we can thoroughly get to grips with any financial requirements.

We work with actors, presenters, writers, agents, directors, producers, models, comedians, photographers and authors. We also work with freelance workers in film, theatre, TV production and TV showrunners. If you are in the background or in front of the camera, we can offer strategic business advice, expert tax planning and day-to-day management of your finances.

Knowing the challenges that you face, we have much to offer you. We have the expertise to provide commercial, structuring and tax advice and with our many years in the industry, we offer extensive experience of working with non-resident entertainers and artists. 

mgr will happily deal with the time-consuming finance administration often generated in the entertainment and media arena. This is so that you can concentrate on doing what you love while fulfilling your tax obligations.

How we can help you with the key challenges in the film, TV, radio and talent sector:

We can manage the administrative hassle of running your business so that you can focus on your projects

We can help manage your cashflow, knowing that your income stream can fluctuate

We can provide you with strategic business advice

We can assist with your tax planning

We can assist with reviewing your contracts from a business and tax perspective

For talent moving abroad, we can help you plan your exit and tax strategies

For the non-resident artists, we can assist with inbound tax planning and reviewing residence status for individuals and their corporate entities, withholding tax applications and tax filings

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Here are our range of extensive services:

Managing bank accounts to collect income, pay your expenses, prepare your VAT returns, EC sales lists and Income Tax returns

Preparation of management and annual accounts to monitor activity

Preparation of net wealth statements for personal financial planning

Reviewing financial and taxation aspects of contracts in conjunction with agents and lawyers

Tax return preparation, as necessary, to cover all your income for compliance with relevant tax regulations and dealing with all your UK tax filings

Liaison with local tax specialists to ensure tax minimisation for each overseas territory

For non-resident entertainers: inbound tax planning, reviewing residence status for individuals and their corporate entities and withholding tax applications

“If you absolutely have to be in a room with chartered accountants, you may find that the ones at mgr are fractionally less dull than the industry norm (actually two of them are quite nice)”

John Cleese, Actor