Over the festive period, our HR Coordinator, Simran Patwalia, volunteered with Crisis – the national charity working with people who are experiencing homelessness. Below, Simran shares an insight to her time volunteering… 


Crisis helps people directly out of homelessness, and campaigns for the changes needed to solve it all together. On one of my volunteering days, the charity opened a new day centre in Pimlico, which had 250 guests and 160 volunteers – to say it was hectic would be an understatement! The charity offers different services to the guests, such as free optical, dental, hair cutting and nail appointments. Some of the day centre activities which I participated in included offering food and snacks to the guests, playing board games with the guests, scheduling advice appointments and providing them with fresh clothes and cleaning the shower facilities.  


Over the few days I was volunteering I took bags of clothing to donate to the guests who needed it and they were really appreciative! I think the aftermath of it all was worth it. Being the reason to put a smile on someone’s face during the Christmas period, which can often be deemed as quite lonely for some people, is a feeling that will forever remain with me. 


Volunteering is open during the Christmas period, but monetary donations and campaign involvement etc is available 24/7. 


If you’d like to know more about the charity or how to get involved, please use the link below: