mgr has been a member of the ETL Global network since November 2018. Due to the pandemic, it has not been possible for us to meet fellow ETL Global members in person until recently when Anette Holzinger, Director of Inward Investment Services, and Jill Springbett, Partner, travelled to Berlin and Paris, respectively. Anette and Jill recount details of their travels and the ETL partners they met.

Anette meets ETL Global partners in Berlin, Germany

“I went to Berlin to visit the ETL office and meet in person some of the people I have been dealing with and recommending to clients over the past few months.

“I met Dietrich Loll from ETL SteuerRecht, who are leading a group of German tax specialists. They advise on national and international tax from a German perspective.

“ETL members in Germany can contact this department if they need special tax advice for their clients. They’re currently helping us with advice for one of our UK clients with a warehouse in Germany.

“Since they only give advice, they recommended a partner firm, Hannes & Kollegen in Berlin, who deal with implementation once the client has decided the new structure and the registrations. Hannes & Kollegen have been an ETL member for 30 years and they have a wide range of clients, including international businesses. I was impressed by their IT and processes.

“I also met Janine Peine from ETL Advsion, a specialist in the health sector. We’d connected through LinkedIn, and I took the opportunity to meet her in Berlin and learn about ETL Advision. It was interesting to find out more about the different types of specialisations we have in the ETL group.

“It was good to be able to meet people in person instead of on a Zoom or Teams call. It’s much more relaxed when you are sitting next to each other, and the talk can go in another direction rather than having specific points to discuss on a video call.

“A meeting in person is much more intensive and enjoyable than being on a video call, and you are willing to spend more time with people. It is easier to concentrate on the person sitting opposite than when you are in the office receiving emails and distracted by day-to-day business.”

Jill Springbett attended an ETL Global French desk meeting

“I attended the ETL ‘French desk’ meeting in Paris in October. This is a group for French speakers in ETL based outside France and is led by Eric Talabardon, a Frenchman living in Spain.

“The event started with a dinner on the Thursday evening so we could get to know each other. We had met before online, and it was so good to meet everyone in person. We had a lovely meal, sitting outside on a warm Parisian evening (see picture above).

“On the Friday, we had a stimulating meeting learning about the various forms of support available to businesses in France, especially those wanting to export or set up overseas entities. All the proceedings were in French, which was hard work for those of us who are not native French speakers, but it was still very interesting. The support available to French businesses is impressive.

“I met French-speaking members of ETL from Spain, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Britain and, of course, France.

“It was exciting for everyone to get together and meet in person again after several online meetings during the pandemic.”

To contact our international services team, please call Anette on +44 20 7644 9695 or email her at anette.holzinger@mgr.co.uk.